IMPROVEMENT! This word has always been part of Zaccaria’s history on the manufacturing of rice milling equipment.

In the last two years Zaccaria put a higher focus into its rubber factory, investing in equipment modernization, manufacturing process improvement and development of new rubber formulations, using special chemical compounds developed with an European multinational consultancy specialized in chemical and rubber products.

From the old rubber rolls, Zaccaria just kept the rubber colors to make reference on our consolidated markets.

As these improvements reflect in a new era for the Zaccaria rubber rolls 10”x10” and 12”x10”, we’re stopping to commercialize the old ones named by the respective colors, and we’re starting to sell three new models: Rubber rolls ZACCARIA EQUILIBRIUM, Rubber rolls ZACCARIA PERFORMANCE, Rubber rolls ZACCARIA EXTREME.


The rubber roll ZACCARIA EQUILIBRIUM uses the same brown color because it’s the substitute of the consecrated brown rubber rolls. The rubber roll ZACCARIA EQUILIBRIUM has inside its composition more natural rubber so, it’s softer than the others which helps to preserve the rice integrity avoiding broken grains and also, preserves one characteristic important for some rice millers, that is the reduced price with an equilibrated performance from beginning until the end of the husking rubber. Its production per pair is suitable for low capacity paddy huskers.


The rubber roll ZACCARIA PERFORMANCE is a new product developed to be an alternative for the customers who needs high production with reduced prices, giving the best cost-benefit ratio. This rubber roll has a good adaptability to different working conditions, so, it can be used on high capacity paddy huskers, and in low capacity paddy huskers. Its durability is around 40%-45% over the rubber roll ZACCARIA EQUILIBRIUM. Compared to a car tire, it’s a “sport tire”!


The rubber rolls ZACCARIA EXTREME uses only the color of our old beige rubber rolls. The formulation of the rubber roll ZACCARIA EXTREME is totally new, developed to attend the needs of the most rigorous customers. Due its longer durability, this rubber roll is indicated for high capacity paddy huskers, where its chemical characteristics are favored by the elevated working temperatures. Compared to a car tire, it’s a “race tire”!

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