"Industry Machina Zaccaria S/A was founded in Limeira, Sao Paulo State - Brazil, on August 11th of 1925, by five brothers, Amalio, Antonio, Pedro, Carlos and Jose Zaccaria, sons of Italian immigrants. The company was named "A. Zaccaria and Cia”.

The manufacturing plant  was formed by an engine lathe, an engine lathe with brick pillar, a band saw, an industrial electrical driller and some easy devices, such as a trowel,  punch and snips , shears cut plate.

Thanks to the entrepreneurship of the five brothers and constant investments in modernization,  Zaccaria has achieved continuous growth and around 1935, consolidated in the Brazilian market. In the 60s, it started exports to neighboring countries.

Machinery for cereals processing were made of wood and metal parts. From 1980 all the projects have been developed  in 100% in steel plates. 

The Zaccaria today

Result of a continuous work throughout its history, Zaccaria has become the leader in the Brazilian milling market , reaching 70% of a market of 12,000,000 tons / year.

The Zaccaria products line  also includes equipment for processing  beans, maize and other cereals.

Together with agents locate throughout Brazil and the world, Zaccaria supplies a complete line of original and spare parts, rolls and rubber brakes.

Within the competitive market for cereal processing and the growing of globalization, Zaccaria  make all efforts to offer to its customers not only products with excellent quality and technology, but also personalized  projects  for specific purposes according to customers requirements, as well as technical assistance, commercial and technical support through highly qualified agricultural / mechanics engineers,who are able to offer proper orientation regarding to the products for each customer, according to their needs.

Zaccaria is the national pioneer that declares in accordance with  the “CE “ certification in the milling cereals business, which enables us to market our products and services worldwide.

We are market leaders in Latin America, being that about  50% of paddy production is processed by Zaccaria machinery.

Nowadays, Zaccaria is located in an area of 54 thousand square meters, 34 thousand covered by built area. It has a team on average 300 highly qualified and trained staff. We have the honor of being a Brazilian company with nacional and international recognition by our achievements and the continuous improvement of its products and services offered to their customers. 

Quality System

The continuous commitment by  Zaccaria is to fulfill  the  Quality Policy signed by the CEO – Chief Executive Officer:

" Suplly, permanently, products and services as the quality requirements set by our customers."

In 1997, a committee was formed for the implementation of the Quality Assurance System: a management organization method that ensures a total commitment to the company. This policy ensures today, the implementation of production processes and services within a certain standard, maintaining the quality level required by the organization.

Institutional Video

This institutional video will introduce you a little about Zaccaria.

R. Laranjal, 180 Vila Fascina CEP: 13484-016 - Limeira/SP +55 (19) 3404.5700

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